My First Post!

16 Sep

What’s up blog world? It’s been a while. I’ve dabbled in blogging before but it wasn’t successful because I rushed into it. Things are different this time. I’ve been thinking about this blog for over a month now. The name, header, purpose, content and overall “feel” of the blog were aspects I wanted to put thought into, not just diving in head first like I did before. That being said, there are obviously parts of this that will pan out as time passes.

Be sure to check out my About Me page but to further explain my current situation, I walk through here every morning and afternoon.

That would be Grand Central Terminal in Midtown Manhattan. I am commuting right now and it’s about … get ready for it … two hours one way. Can you stand it? Probably not! But it’s what I must do right now to save money before I make my move to the big city. After my 10 minute drive to the train station,  1 hr. 20 min train ride into GCT,  I walk 12 blocks to my job.

I’m a proud native of Syracuse, NY, went to Mount Saint Mary College, and stayed in the Hudson Valley region of New York to be close to job opportunities after college, i.e. New York City. Right now I’m living with my friend’s family who have generously let me invade on their lives for a few months and commute while I save money.

Anyways, I’ve been reading healthy living blogs for almost two years now and love it. I do try to eat healthy all the time, but struggle, like a lot of people, to do so. Here’s my bfast 🙂

Organic raisin bran with light soy milk and a banana! Accompanied (of course) by a venti pike roast from Starbucks.

I also purchased coffee for the office that made the kitchen smell like the sweet heavens.

They grinded it for a cone filter for me. Ahh delicious. We’re all about the bold here 😉

This blog will document my transition from crazed college senior, to working professional, to fully independent member of society, all while attempting to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Hope you enjoy!


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