Expensive Yogurt

17 Sep

Apartment News: I might have a potential roommate to move with on November 1! That’s the date I decided I could actually move to the city by. It will leave me with some cushion of cash but not much. So we will see 🙂

In other news I paid $2.25 for a Chobani this morning from the deli around the corner. $2.25!?!?!?!?

Ah the glorious New York City.

I can assure you I will most likely never spend that much money again on one yogurt!

On my lovely 12 block walk to work I usually jam out to music ranging from Hootie and the Blowfish, to Kenney Chesney, to Nicki Minaj. Lately though I’ve been loving this song.

Don’t know why, but I LOVE this song lately. It’s such a good pick me up in the a.m.

I want to go to Bikram yoga tonight but I must keep telling myself that I need to be saving money and although I went last Friday for the first time and really enjoyed it, it just doesn’t fit in the budget right now. NYC has free yoga all the time in different parks across the city. Something I’ll definitely be taking part in once I get myself down here!

So my potential roomie actually works with me and we might be going to look at an apartment this afternoon!!!!

Is this really happening? Am I really going to move to New York? Have I been literally wishing this day would come since high school?

Pretty Much.


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