Am I a “runner?”

17 Sep

I don’t consider myself a runner. Although I do run, can run and have participated in several 5Ks and a 10K , I honestly don’t consider myself a runner. I read these blogs with all these marathon runners and running nuts and by no means am I comparing or thinking I’m even close to that level. Right now I’m running because I don’t have basketball for two hours every single day to whip my butt back in shape. I’m running because I feel that I have to, not necessarily that a really want too. I wish I genuinely wanted to go on five or 10 miles runs everyday, but right now in my life I’m not there. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate is by any means. I guess you could say I’m a growing running enthusiast? But things might change … keep reading 🙂

Last Saturday I ran the Marist College 5K with my best friend Catie!

And at the race I sported my Beach to Beacon 10K t-shirt from August. Catie and I ventured up to Cape Elizabeth, Maine to visit my family and run! Neither of us trained. ( I had run 6.2 miles once before that day) It went pretty well! Catie is a champ and finished in just over 53 minutes fast and I think I held my own for not truly training

1:02:30.1 10:04   Shannon          22 F   6197 Newburgh NY 

53:13.8   8:34    Cathryn            22 F   6211 Newburgh NY

We both had a blast though! My family has a beautiful home in Maine and my aunt and uncle do a fantastic job at entertaining!

^Family enjoying a fantastic dinner.

Samantha (friend of my families), my little cousin Piper, Catie, Me and Dave (other friend of the families)

Fellow Perfect 10 member Kristen is living in Maine and joined us for a night out on the town.

SUCH a fun night. There may or may not have a girl fight that thankfully didn’t escalate. And of course the amount of alcohol consumed that night had nothing to do with it.

Next day involved some lovely Maine scenery. If you haven’t visited Maine, I STRONGLY suggest you do. It is a beautiful, peaceful, friendly place to be.

Back to my running … so Catie the fit nut that she is, convinced me to run the …

We’re running the half! On November 21 of this year. Is anyone else??

So I have printed out my running schedule and plan on sticking to it! I wonder when I finish running that if I’ll consider myself a “runner?”


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