18 Sep

The episode where Ross goes go China and Rachel realizes her feelings for Ross was just on! Ah so heart wrenching. God I love it.

In any event, VERY low key Friday night for me. I am tired from a full week of work and I’m trying to spend as little money as possible so tonight will be spent in bed, reading blogs, and trying to design a background for my twitter.

Of course as I typed the previous statement I got a text from my cousin who I visited in Ireland when she was studying abroad, is going to be in the city tomorrow with her friends from Ireland that I also met.

Me and my cousin Ibby in the Emerald Isle this past June. Woah my hair is super blond.

IBBY you’re killing me. As I’m being a responsible adult, trying to save my money, you tell me you’re going to be in the city with hilarious girls from Ireland? How am I supposed to turn that down?

Well I suppose if I don’t go out drinking that I don’t have to spend too much … we’ll see how that plays out.

I’m feeling rather blah as I sit here like a bump on a log : / I have a four mile run scheduled for tomorrow and I can already tell it’s going to be a struggle. Wouldn’t it be wonderful you were always in shape? Well DUH Shannon, that’s not going to happen. This 13.1 miler is going to creep up on me if I don’t start running. Anyways, I’m done being a debbie downer.

Ain’t that a beautiful thing.

I’m fortunate to have a HUGE window in my office at work. It’s a slight bummer it’s only the 2nd floor, but that’s okay. Also, I’m quite the eco-friendly coffee drinker with my reusable plastic cup if I do say so myself. The below photograph was the most disgusting substance that’s ever hit my lips. So there’s a health food store next to my job and they sell juices and I was a little bit hungry when I left work and thought, “hm let’s be super healthy and get a fresh juice!”

OMG this was the WORST concoction I’ve ever drank. It was carrots, swiss chard, apple and pear. Maybe  I could have choked it down it if was cold, but it was luke warm. YUCK. And see that little cup? Cost me $5 bucks. Will I ever learn? I’m contradicting myself today with regards to money. $2.25 yogurt, $5 juice. Must. Stop. Spending.

And someone needs a mani!

So I’m waiting for a phone call in a little bit from my potential roomie who’s looking at an apt right now in East Harlem! Hopefully it’s good news, but I know apartment hunting in New York City is not going to be easy so I’m not getting all my hopes up.

So I found some new blogs today that I’m excited to keep reading! Check out the blog roll 🙂 So tomorrows new plans: wake, chill out for a little bit, eat very light, run, shower, city????? Ah why not, I have my monthly train pass…

Until tomorrow!


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