There was a TUB in the bedroom.

22 Sep

I kid you not. I wish I took a photo but I was a little too skeptical. My future roommate and I ventured to Brooklyn after our bosses let us go early to look at some places. One was SUPER nice (note to self: I will take pics from now on). The apartment building was brand new. Very modern, chic, good size, etc. Two bedroom for only $1450. Here’s the thing … it’s a solid 20 minute walk to the train, then another 2o or so minutes to Manhattan and, more importantly, I definitely wouldn’t feel 100% safe walking home alone  from a fabulous night out at 3 a.m. It’s unfortunate because the apartment was AWESOME.

Then we went to the other … with the tub. Living room and kitchen were very nice. “Where’s the bedrooms?” I ask. He lead us to the basement. First off, if I stood on my tip toes my head hit the ceiling, no joke. Then there’s this huge jacuzzi tub in the corner of the bedroom. And the bathroom was separate. It was weird. ANYWAYS the right one will come along and I’m not worried one bit!

I enjoyed a coffee on the train this a.m. while I reorganized my phone. Downloading a few new apps, changing the location of my widgets, new background and a new discovery.

The clock! Maybe it’s old news but I never knew the phone could have that pleasant layout. The pic on the right is my home screen. I hate clutter on a home screen. I have my calendar app in the top left, weather in the top right, text, clock, notes and the task killer.

If you scroll left from my home screen you’ll first see the twitter page! Got the google toolbar and contact shortcuts at the bottom. The photos are just for my viewing pleasure. Mom and me, friends, basketball championship t and grandparents!

Then if you scroll right you’ll see

Facebook! A NY Times widget, calorie counter, google maps, brightness tool and shazam which is the best app. If you don’t know a song  that’s playing, you just hold your phone up to the speaker and it gives you all the info. It’s perfect when you’re in the car and a good song comes on the radio and you want to remember to download it later, but you obv have no pen, just tap that app and you’re good to go!

The last page as the Pandora widget and all my most used apps 🙂

It took me an hour to rearrange it. Yes it did. Good thing I have a long commute! I wish I took before photos. It was driving me nuts that it wasn’t perfect. I finally think I got it.

I’ve officially never been more anal about anything. Moving on …

There’s my coffee and cute bag!

This is where I begin my walk in the city.

And this is where I end up!

SIDE NOTE: I’m watching SVU right now OMG it’s insane. This show seriously rules.

My bfast from this morning using the exact same ingredients from yesterday 🙂 So good.

Green lunch! But I can’t lie, this was lacking and I was starving at 3 so I snacked on a Arnold Wheat Thin with some more AB and jam 🙂

I’m going to BOSTON tomorrow. I’m taking the Bolt Bus which has free wifi, thank the Lord, so I’ll be reporting back then.

Night 😉


One Response to “There was a TUB in the bedroom.”

  1. Kat September 23, 2010 at 11:33 pm #

    Okay, pretty sure that the jacuzzi thing is hysterical – good luck apartment searching!

    Story of my life: Re-arranging apps on my phone is a nightmare. Sometimes it would be easier to go back to those old-school Nokia “bricks” where the wildest thing you could do is clip a colored-cover on the front.

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