Empire State of Mind

26 Sep

And I’m back in New Yorrkkkk, concrete jungle where dreams are made of …. haha done now. Anyways, I’m staying at my good friend Christina’s apartment tonight in Manhattan so I don’t have to make my two hour trek back upstate to then turn around and do it tomorrow morning for work.


Those were the MSMC Senior Class Officers! Christina, Laura and me in Daytona the week before graduation, which the one of the best weeks of my life so far. I’ll recap at a later date.

So this morning, when I was still in Cambridge, Julie and I met up with our friend from high school Gina who goes to Northeastern. It was so great to see her 🙂

We went to this nice diner-esque restaurant and I ordered eggs with veggies, sauce and cheese.


Looks a little funky but it was yummy. Surprisingly I took the cheese off in an effort to be health conscious and I didn’t even miss it – that much.


Bye Cambridge 🙂 You were great!!

Helloooo some food for the bus … 


Black bean burger with lettuce, tomato, guac and sun dried tomatoes. It was blah. It would have tasted wayyyy better warm or toasted.

The bus went really fast thanks to this book Julie let me borrowbook

“Everything that happens to you is the best possible thing that could ever happen to you,” is the main idea of this book. GET IT AND READ IT NOW.

So once in New York I went here:


And bought this:


and these:


and now Tina and I are catching up on the Jersey Shore because we love it.


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