Semi Rant

28 Sep

It’s 10:15 p.m. and I’m finally all settled in. Work is getting a little more intense but it’s all good because it’s all things I love, i.e. updating our Facebook, Twitter and blog posts plus other things but those are my fave! With rain in the forecast I knew it was necessary to bring out the boots.

I need to invest in some serious rain boots before moving to New York. These are just $40 boots from Payless and if it was a torrential down pour, these would have been soaked. Thankfully it was not, so I was fine. I LOVE these boots. They pretty much go with everything. I bought a pair last year and because I wear them ALL them time they got really beat up and nasty looking so I got some new ones for this season 🙂

Speaking of money, holy hell. This whole grown up financial bit it whooping my ass right now. I’m trying to save as much as humanly possible but damn it’s hard. Today I had to pay a $45 parking ticket, DEVIL MTA police, fill my car with gas ($40) and bought the following necessary supplies at Price Chopper.

Those products plus carrots and hummus cost me $38! So bam, bam, bam … oh and what else is awesome right now … repayment of student loans begins November 1. I know all you responsible adults reading this are giggling to yourself, but take a minute to travel back. I didn’t always have to spend $40 bucks on toiletries, my mom but that stuff. But boy are those days over.

Sorry for venting, but I guess that’s why I have this blog. First Amendment anyone? On to some grub. I had the following for breakfast …

Breakfast.                     Of.                         Champions.

Oats, water, banana, cinnamon, AB and coffee.

Lunch was the following.

I know I know. Not the most natural or super healthy thing I could have eaten … but the nutrition facts are not bad at all! And remember my rant about money? Well these were on sale so you might see them more. If you’ve ever counted Weight Watcher points this entire can is six points and considering that, plus an Arnold’s Wheat Thin was my lunch, it’s not too bad and it was good. And it kept me full ALL afternoon.

And then, dun dun dun …

I know you may see grapes and strawberries, but I see cheese, cookies, monkey bread and chips. Needless to say I wasn’t too healthy. Actually I was awful, I’m still kind of full. I was definitely aggravated with myself on the train ride home and I almost didn’t go to the gym. BUT I did and my stomach was pretty much cramping up the entire time :/ BAD SHANNON. I wanted to run four miles on the treadmill but ended up doing 30 min on the arc trainer and 10 min on the treadmill walking at 4 mph and a 7 incline. I’m so glad I went to the gym though, although it was rough, I would have felt so guilty if I didn’t go.

Oh, and yes that’s beer. We drink beer at office parties. Be jealous.

Sorry for ranting again, jeez, tomorrow I’ll come back all chipper, promise. I started both of these books today.

I’ll choose which one I’m going to keep reading tomorrow a.m. on the train. Has anyone read one of these?!

And because everyone needs a good laugh …

I feel better now.


2 Responses to “Semi Rant”

  1. leashieloo September 28, 2010 at 11:04 pm #

    What! I want monkey bread and beer at an office function! And get some wellies. I like to pretend I’m stomping around the English countryside when I’m wearing them.

  2. Tina September 29, 2010 at 3:59 pm #

    Isn’t it crazy how fast things can add up cost wise? Drives me crazy!

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