I ran 13.1 miles

21 Nov

And before today, the most I ran was 6.2.

 Am I proud that I finished my first half marathon? Absolutely.

Am I a upset with myself for not training? A little.

Will I pay for it tomorrow when I can barley walk? Yup.



But we did it!


That’s the crazy girl who convinced me to sign up for this race to begin with.

Although I didn’t really train I knew I’d be okay, and okay I was. Miles 1 – 8 were great! Miles 9 – 13 a bit rough. Because I didn’t train, the muscles in my legs were screaming causing some serious tight calves and hip flexors.

As I was running, I thought to myself “I almost forgot what pain feels like.” The type of pain any athlete experiences. And to tell you, it did feel good. I stopped 3x to stretch and walked a bit during mile 12, but other than that, I kept on pushing. My splits, below, are very scattered, and this is also due to the lack of training, I think.

The theme of the race, Push Through,  was on the back of tee shirts, and I kept repeating it to myself, especially in the last couple miles. I have a new respect for you marathoners out there. I couldn’t imagine doing that again!

I know I’ll run a marathon in my lifetime and whenever that is, I’ll be a training fool!

  1. 10:19
  2. 9:59
  3. 10:46
  4. 10:21
  5. 10:35
  6. 9:22
  7. 9:01
  8. 10:00
  9. 10:30
  10. 11:08
  11. 10:26
  12. 12:50
  13. 10:06

Total Distance: 13.61

Total Time: 2:18:34

I used the Cardio app on my phone and I started it back before we crossed the line explaining the .61


3 Responses to “I ran 13.1 miles”

  1. fabuleuxdestinbrenna November 23, 2010 at 5:10 pm #

    CONGRATS! I’m running my first 1/2 marathon in Paris in the spring! I can’t believe you did it in my hometown! Amazing!!!


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