Go-to Up-do

10 Jan

So I recently went a little dramatic with my hair, both length and color. I always had the “it needs to be long enough to put in a pony tail” excuse for basketball but when I went to the salon I said screw it, lets chop it off.  I may have been hyperventilating when I reached behind my head and felt an inch of hair, but the end result was great; a reverse bob with auburn highlights.

Gone were the days I thought I could jump out of the shower and throw my hair up in a bun when running late, didn’t feel like straightening it, etc. but I was wrong. I’ve discovered a forgotten friend … the bobby pin.

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of it down, but when I’ve been wearing it like this at work I’ve gotten a lot of comments! Bear with me as I took these photos cranking and stretching my arms every which way.

Looks almost like a fancy up-do right? (minus the obnoxious bobby pins in the last photo)

This took me no more than five minutes. If you have shorter hair that won’t fit back in a and you’re looking for a nicer (I swear I wasn’t running late to work) hair style, then give it a try!

Super easy:

1) Pin back you’re “bangs” to the side giving them a little umph.

2) Next take you pointers and beginning above each ear on either side of your head lift up a little bit of hair and slowly move your fingers until they touch in the back of your head. You should have a small layer of hair, not too much!

3) Gather this hair close to your scalp and slide it up to the crown of your head. Giving it a Snookie like pouf.

hehe kidding

4) Bobby pin the crap out of the little half up half down with a pouf you’ve created.

5) Then take small pieces of the remaining hair twist and pin up. Repeat until there’s no more!

I realize this would have been much easier with photos of every step. Noted.

What’s your go-to hair style?



2 Responses to “Go-to Up-do”

  1. BostonRunner January 10, 2011 at 10:13 pm #

    Hey Shannon! I just stumbled upon your blog but I’m so happy I did! I’m a senior in college and soon will be out in the real world (by the way, I love the phrase “freshman year of life”). I’m excited to begin this new chapter in my life but also, obviously pretty nervous!

    Love the up-do! I’m not quite that talented. My go-to up-to is probably a pony tail..

  2. Shannon [Tropical Eats] January 11, 2011 at 7:25 pm #

    holy crap you’ve got some talent my friend!!!

    could definitely use some updo’s in my life 🙂 i usually do a ponytail or just twist my hair into a bun. one day i will have motivation to straighten it for work.. but not any time soon hahah

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