Day 5: Favorite Memory

7 Mar

This one’s tough. Rather than one picture, I have three.

Up first,


(Chrissy, me, Meg, Brittany)

The ladies of 26 City Terrace North. These are the three lovely ladies who had the privilege of living with me senior year. (See what I did there?) This photo was taken at the infamous Women’s Day at our college. Basically every girl pays ~$40 and go to a house a drink all day. This was taken around 10 a.m. which explains the scarcity. This was an all around perfect day!

Next is,

daytona Daytona! Imagine being on vacation with your 30 best friends. Nuff said. I’m in the middle with the black on.


Me and Chrissy

This more less sums up Chrissy and my life. We would sit at our table, and blast the most random music known to man. From Hootie, to Nelly, Meatloaf, Dave Matthews – oh and drink copious amounts of Natty Light. Nothing but class.

And I miss being tan.


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