Day 9: People who’ve gotten me through the most.

9 Mar


With out a doubt, Meg and Catie.

These two ladies have calmed my nerves, dried my tears and have been there through everything. They know just about everything about me, to the point where it’s borderline weird.

I’ve heard people say that if you have one friend, you’re the luckiest person in the world.

I’m so lucky to have these girls in my life. Catie and I have been best friends since literally the first night of college. She came up to me, tapped me on the shoulder and said, “You play basketball right?” We ending up living down the hall from one another and playing basketball together, so our friendship easily blossomed. It’s all history from there and I can confidently say that I’ve been there for her and will always be. That’s how you know you’ve found a best friend.

Meg and I is a bit of a different story. See Meg is from a town about 15 minutes up the road from our college. First semester of college she contemplated moving home and transferring. She just wasn’t happy and didn’t leave her room too often. We joke that I was the one who “brought her out of her shell” so to speak. Well damn it, I think it’s true. (hehe)

I’ll paint a picture for you. It’s about 10 p.m. on a Tuesday night. Freshman year of college I used to literally barge in peoples room to see what they were up to. I’d borrow accessories, chat about their home towns, etc. Clearly I was shy.

That Tuesday night I barged in to Meg’s room to find her watching West Side Story. She quickly changed the channel hoping I didn’t see, but the damage was done.

“Are you watching West Side Story?” I asked

“Uhhh yeah,” she hesitantly replied.

“Oh my God I LOVE WEST SIDE STORY!” I shouted.

Yup and that’s one of many instances of how I “broke her out of her shell.”

Oh and there was the time I busted in her room, tipsy and reciting Shakespeare’s “To be or not to be” soliloquy in my best British accent. We had to memorize it for English spring semester and recite it in our teachers office. So because I’m awesome and had it memorized, I had a few brews with my friends and then walked around the halls of our dorm repeating it over and over. Let’s see how well I can do …

To be or not to be, that is the question. Weather tis noble in the minds to suffer, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and by opposing, end them. To take arms against a sea of troubles … (something something)

To die, to sleep, to sleep perchance to dream (something something)

To die to sleep no more.

Now I have to go look it up. Thanks.

Oh and this night, Catie couldn’t memorize it and was so mad I knew it and was drinking. She wrote it on her mirror in the bathroom. It was hilarious.


3 Responses to “Day 9: People who’ve gotten me through the most.”

  1. Shannon [Tropical Eats] March 9, 2011 at 9:57 pm #

    hahah love the Shakespeare moment.

    sounds like you have some keeper friends!! 🙂


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