Day 10: Person I do the craziest things with.

10 Mar

This one is hard, because most all my friends and I do some crazy stuff. But after thinking long and hard, I’d have to say …


Brittany and Bridget.

Looking back on my past few posts, they have a common theme of college partying. Oh well – moving on.

Bridget and Brittany are a good time. Point blank. Always down for whatever, where ever, as long as they each have money. For my birthday a few years back Catie got me four Dave Matthews Band tickets. Obviously her and I were two of them, and the other two were up to me.

I picked the two lovely ladies pictured above and that picture was taken in the parking lot of the IZOD center in Jersey before the concert. Needless to say, we had fun.

Two times with Bridget stick out.

1) We drove around campus for no lie four hours one night with our friend Joe. blasted music, and sang our hearts out. At 4 a.m. mind you.

2) On the way home from Daytona we were delirious and looking at pictures on my camera. We found a funny picture of one of our friends and zoomed in on his face and was moving it around and zooming in and out, DYING laughing. Like tears were streaming down our faces. All of a sudden we hear, “Uhhhh what are you guys laughing at?” Our friend who’s face we had zoomed in on was standing behind us. CAUGHT. We were caught. But because he’s a guy and hilarious, he just kept walking and said, “Okayyyy girls.”

I’m currently cracking up. Ahhh love it.


2 Responses to “Day 10: Person I do the craziest things with.”

  1. Shannon [Tropical Eats] March 19, 2011 at 10:02 pm #

    love it! only the best memories occur around 4am 🙂


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    […] Brittany, me. Thanks […]

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