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Cake, Chili and Beer

28 Jan

The cake was a success! To be honest, I’ve definitely had better but this wasn’t half as bad as I thought. It’s a dark chocolate cake which it probably why I wasn’t too crazy about it, but the coworkers liked it 🙂 I used this recipe exactly.  

IMG_2368 IMG_2389

It’s going to be different with out our amazing intern.


(He’s on the left) Our small but mighty department went to lunch to celebrate his last day. We stopped in the beautiful snow covered Madison Square Park for some pictures.


IMG_2378 IMG_2379



Isn’t Manhattan gorgeous?

So my birthday is coming up! I’m a leap year baby, so not “technically,” but I’ll be celebrating the big 23 this year. Weird. And for those who are thinking in their head, “Leap Year! OMG I never met anyone with that birthday! When do you celebrate?” Personally, I say March 1 because I was born the day after February 28th. So there.

That being said, I have been putting lists in my Google calendar thinking about what I want.

1) Crock Pot – Come home and dinner’s ready? Check.


2)  French Press – Super strong coffee? Yes please.


3) Magic Bullet – Blend things i.e. smoothies, banana ice cream, alcoholic beverages, etc? Sign me up.


4) Mac Book Pro – Duh.


See a wee bit of a common theme? Besides the Mac Book of course which is wishful thinking.

My kitchen game needs to step up STAT and I must say these three lovely appliances would be a fantabulous beginning. (Side note: a red squiggle didn’t show under the word “fantabulous”)

In other food news, I made chili tonight!


The ingredients above was the core of the dish if you will but I was throwing every thing in this bad boy.

I started by sautéing the onion, pepper and garlic. Was out of olive oil so I used cooking spray. Gross at first, but in the end I couldn’t tell and there was not as many calories right?


Then dump the glorious beans in; I used black beans and red and white kidneys. Then I added the diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, and left over salsa that was chillen in my fridge. Then I poured the contents of this box atop.


Salt, cumin, chili powder dried onions and garlic, and masa powder. Oh and how can I forget. Rather then the broth I used …


IMG_2416 IMG_2419

Topped with a little …


I really just eye-balled everything and am proud of myself that it came out so good. And now I have chili to last me till the end of time.


God I’m attractive. There wasn’t a shot in hell that beer was going to waste.


Midnight Cake Baking

25 Jan


A little inspiration for your Tuesday morning.

I was given permission to come into work today at 10! I had to staff a New York Knicks game last night. Darn it all. Really me? Go to a Knicks game for free? Aw shucks.  Oh and there’s a $10 food and drink voucher included? FINE. I’ll go.


IMG_2342 IMG_2343


I was impressed with the social media person for the Knicks

Well done! I had some re-tweets in there to give them credit.

So when I got home at


I did this.


IMG_2350 IMG_2352

Yes that’s a cake. A dark chocolate cake made from scratch. If you’re knew to Freshman Year of Life, you’re unaware of my superb, expansive history of baking things from scratch.

It’s our amazing intern’s last day on Thursday so we’re having a party for him on and because I don’t have ounce of time tonight I had to prep it last night and bake it this a.m.


I was a bit nervous this morning when I pulled the batter out of the fridge and it looked like the above photo.

Enter: panic mode.

So what’s a 22 year old girl who’s slowly discovering her inner domestic goddess to do?

Call mom!

She reassured me it’d be fine if I just let it warm up to room temp. Fingers crossed kids.

I’ll be reporting back tonight between my 6:30 vinyasa class and my 10:15 basketball game.

Yup 10:15 p.m. it starts. Hence no time to bake cake.

Peace out cub scouts.