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I Love Brooklyn

27 Feb

Yes … yes I do.

IMG_0071“This is the most quintessential cafe,” said a guy sitting at the table behind me said a few moments ago. “I mean everything about it. From the people, the prices, the colors on the wall – it doesn’t get more urban than this.”

He’s sitting across from his girlfriend (assumingly) discussing hiking in Virginia. The guy is white, the girl looks Latino and they both are writing vigorously with blue pens in matching notebooks.

To my left is a black family with an adorable baby girl, Nala, in teeny gold Uggs. Her grandmother is holding her, standing and swaying back and forth with her hair wrapped tightly in a black and blue scarf and a floor length denim skirt

Large bold canvas paintings cover the pastel green and pink walls and two Rastafarian men are sitting at the bar with slowly bobbing their head to the soft reggeton music playing in the background. There’s a white guy, seemingly high on caffeine – and life for that matter – attempting to talk politics with the Rastafarian men whose tall red, yellow and green head wraps are blocking my view of the chatty bald white guy.

There’s four twenty something’s on their laptops sipping coffee and what looks like a few regulars at the bar chit-chatting and reading the paper. A guy just walked in wearing a Northface jacket, got a large coffee and left in a hurry.

I’m sitting at a corner table, slouched back, legs perched on an adjacent chair in a worn college sweatshirt, sipping my second iced coffee of the day. Nothing really to do, no where to go, just taking it in at K Dogg and Dune Buggy.

IMG_0085(The Rastafarian men left before I took this, rather upsetting)


Took this today after a spontaneous brunch with an old coworker. Can you get this view in Manhattan? Didn’t think so.



A Lovely Saturday

29 Jan

As much as I miss the college partying, it is quite nice to wake up on a Saturday morning not hung over. I laid in bed for a few hours this a.m. watching Paula Dean, drinking java and eating some overnight oats.


IMG_2431 IMG_2423

It was fantastic.  Quick oats, sweetened soy milk, and a banana with some frozen berries added in the morning.

After breakfast digested I went for a run in Prospect Park. It has been a while since I’ve ran.


Eh, I’m not very fast but I surprisingly felt fine. I didn’t cramp up at all. If I don’t run for a few weeks I most always get side, legs, chest cramps, but not today! Must be all that yoga.

After showing the roomie and I went on a walk back through the park!



We almost went and bought sleds. Next weekend perhaps?

We ended up at Grand Army Plaza.


Adjacent is the Brooklyn Library. So beautiful. Still can’t believe  I live here. This is about a 15 minute walk or one stop on the B41 bus from our apartment.


IMG_2440         IMG_2441

Will be spending more time here for sure.

We parted ways and I headed to the mall in Atlantic Terminal for some solid buys.



Jewelry Stand


Photo Board






Fantastic buys. Did I mention how much of a stud my dad was back in the day?


Ow ow! Must be where I get the good looks from. #justsayin