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Be Your Own Boss: Intro to Entrepreneurship

13 Apr

Last night I went to an Urban Girl Squad workshop titled “Be Your Own Boss: Intro to Entrepreneurship” that was held and led by two lovely ladies, Amy Abrams and Adelaide Lancaster, founders of In Good Company.

If you’re a female living in NYC check out Urban Girl Squad. Their website describes it as a “social networking group in New York City for women in their 20s & 30s.”  They offer endless types of events from food and fashion, to careers and skydiving, to volunteer work and horseback riding. The membership is FREE and the price of events range. This one was $20 and worth every stinkin’ penny.

Amy and Adelaide from In Good Company have an interesting story you can check out here. Their business was founded and focuses on providing a community and meeting place for women entrepreneurs. Being a 23 year old NYC newbie who’s seven months into her first job, I didn’t even know these types of places exist! Cool stuff.

Back to the event. Roughly 40 women were attendance, all various ages and business ideas. There were cookers, bakers and clothing line makers (see what I did there?) along with a few interested in cook book writing and consulting. To my surprise, I was the only in the room who mentioned social media/blog related. I thought the room would be chock full of bloggers.

Amy and Adelaide covered a variety of topics. They began by having us answer the question “What do you want that you’re not getting now?” Answers included enthusiasm for your work, making sure your income correlates with effort, work/life balance among many other aspects the attendees were missing from their current positions. What really stuck with me is how you must focus your business on your specific answers to that question.

They gave an example of a woman who starting a consulting business for high school students entering college. In previous jobs she was missing the work/life balance, especially after having baby, so in her business she said she’d only work three days per week. She stuck with it, knowing she’d have to schedule and work in just three days, she was able to have the other two days to her children. She has been in business for years (8-10? can’t quite remember) and is clearly very successful.

Making sure your business is one you’d want to work for once it’s up and running was another interesting point. Entrepreneurs get caught up being a “jack of all trades” and at the end of the day they’re not spending time doing what they love.

It was definitely an awesome new experience. Just the dynamic in the room was enough to excite me. I love surrounding myself with new people who I share a goal with. Clearly I went to this workshop because I’m interested in entrepreneurship. We see it all over the blog world and I’d love one day to be a part of it.

If entrepreneurship was a flower, I’d still be a seed in a bag by the checkout counter at Home Depot but I look forward to being planted one day …