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Weekend Wrap Up

23 Jan

In order for me to write this post I had to turn of the Law and Order SVU marathon that has been occupying my life for the past four hours. I have a bit of a thing for one Elliot Stabler.

stabler stabler1 tumblr_lbubt8nqcb1qcdc33o1_400

Have you ever seen a more attractive, rugged, I wouldn’t hate it if he frisked me detective that dedicates his life each and every day for the citizens of New York?


I digress.

I had to go upstate again this weekend for my best friend Catie’s grandma’s wake and funeral. I only met her a handful of times, but just listening to the few people speak at the funeral showed me how wonderful of a woman she was. She lost a son when he was 22 (would be around 45-50 today) in a horrible, tragic accident so when a woman spoke of him at the funeral I lost it. Burying your child has got to be the most horrifying experience for a parent. She’s at peace now and I’m glad I was with Catie and her family.

I headed up Friday after work and my friend Megan got a little lost coming to get me. Thank the Lord there was a heated area. So what’s a girl to do alone, on a Metro North train platform? Take pictures of course, duh.


Salt stricken boots.

 IMG_2319 Snowy train tracks.


Petrified look that I might be here forever. (eye brow brush much Shan?)

Friday night I slept at Meg’s house. We talked and talked, laughed and I shed a few tears, during American Idol nonetheless. I’m emotional. What of it? Saturday after the services I came back to the city, hung out for bit and headed over to my friends house for some red wine and trashy TV. It was grand.

Remember that time I saved $300 of yoga? Well I have been going and loving it.

I started the hot classes they’re kicking my ass in the best way possible. I’ll be writing my review on yoga shortly 🙂

I hit up Trader Joe’s in Union Square after yoga and spent $48 bucks which should definitely last me for the week, hopefully longer.

This weekend I only spent:

$48 on groceries

$4 yoga mat and towel rental

$5 for wine

$21.50 for the train upstate


I’m in the process of breaking down my finances (a 2011 resolution) so I’ll report back on this too once January concludes.


* DUN-DUN adjective 1) Dramatic theme music used at the beginning and end of Law and Order SVU. 2) If you watch it, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, if not, sorry.

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