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On Coming Home

25 Apr

I’m not sure where you are in life. You might be in high school, college or shacking it up with the rents to save money. Perhaps you’re married with kids, a mortgage and a plane ride away from where you grew up. One way or another, if you’ve experienced extended time away from home, you’ll catch my drift throughout this post.

IMG 0711

We can all sense a familiarity coming home. The same creaks on the floor of the house you grew up in, the unique taste of your families homemade sauce and meatballs, the old street signs and landscape, the cold sheets of your bed that hasn’t been slept in in months and the comfort of being with family and friends who really know you. Who knew you when you were awkward, shy and had head gear. Who knew when you went though those dreadful pre teen years. A few probably came on the family vacation and the same few ask how your parents are before they ask about you.

I’ve grown closer to my high school friends since graduating college.

IMG 0760

(Excuse the blurriness)

I’m not sure if it’s mutual but that’s not my concern. In college, I was so distracted by new best friends, class, parties and basketball that I let our friendships drift.

IMG 0769

Happy to report that’s no longer the case.

IMG 0768

I mean really? Who wouldn’t love a friendship like the above? Or going to the grents and actually looking at the pictures that fill their house …

IMG 0728

That’s me, my dad and my aunt at my uncles wedding. Too damn cute.

Oh and Wegmans? I genuinely feel sorry if you’ve never stepped in one. It’s so much more than a grocery store.

IMG 0724

I could keep writing, but nothing I’ll say can top Wegmans.



Weekend Summary

18 Apr

So. Much. Fun.

Exactly what I needed … and now I need a salad.

IMG_0577Tiana, Brittany, me. Thanks Britt.

I headed up to Newburgh* this weekend for a mini college reunion with my best friends. Friday when I arrived in Beacon my friends greeted me with “OMG you’re so New York. Look at how you walked over here. You did this (acted out) and this (over dramatic acted out me walking to the car.)”

After cursing at the traffic and one another for no apparent reason I sighed and said, “It’s good to be back,” and boy did I mean it.

IMG_0578Megan, Chrissy, Catie.

We headed to TGI Fridays for dinner and drinks. I spend $22 on dinner and four beers or so. Don’t mind if I do.

IMG_0590 Christina, Me, Catie.

After dinner we headed to a new place on the Newburgh water front, Billy Joe’s Ribworks. This place was awesome. Great band, great beer, great friends. Clearly the first night was a success because it ended like this:


Literally I just died laughing at this pic.

I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed to go to lacrosse practice with Catie who coaches varsity at her old high school. After chugging a large coffee with skim milk and one splenda I was good to go.


Catie has never played lax before and it’s the school’s first year having a program and since I played in high school she asked if I’d come along. It was awesome. I loved the girls and they we’re so thankful to have me there. After practice we went back, showered, napped, ate prepped for round two.

 IMG_0595 IMG_0604

Catie and I looking glam before another night out!

A few more friends came up Saturday and we actually went back to Billy Joe’s. I laughed, laughed and laughed.

IMG_0609My beautiful friend Christina who lives in Columbus Circle in Manhattan said as this photo was being taken, “The closest I’ll ever get to Brooklyn.” Yes fellow Brooklyn-ites, she’s one of those


Another solid night for the books.

Sunday was a bit more rough than the previous morning, so how do you cure that?

Ice cream DUH. Chrissy and I went to the dining hall and snagged some. You’re looking at cake batter, coffee and chocolate moose tracks.


I wasn’t kidding about the salad. Someone send one, quick. 




*Yes this is the same Newburgh where the woman drove into the Hudson with her three kids. We actually drove past the site. So chilling/awful. Please keep the Newburgh community in your thoughts and prayers.

Getting in the flow

13 Feb

Sup peeps?

A few things you must know:

  • Those buffalo chicken wontons were restaurant quality.
  • I’m laying on the floor of my bedroom typing this. Changing it up a little.
  • I’ve had an awesome week since posting this.
  • Spinning is my new shit.
  • Apparently so are lists.
  • Yoga is paying off. I can almost do one real push up. Thank you vinyasa flows.
  • My face is breaking out/really dry. Big ups to my Irish heritage and winter!
  • I pretty much have come to the realization that I do in fact live in New York and I’m getting into my flow.
  • Hipsters are ironic.
  • The fact that valentines day is Monday doesn’t bother me at all. Honestly.
  • My roommates little dog keeps running into me as I lay (lie?) on the floor because he’s super old and blind.
  • At brunch today I  had hollandaise and poached eggs for the first time ever. My thoughts? Eh
  • I’m waiting for three of my best friends get here so we can go out and cause a ruckus.
  • I tried on jeans today that I haven’t worn in forever and they were super snug. DAMN IT.
  • I have an awkward crush my cousins boyfriend’s friend. He has tattoos, a beard and is in a band. Not usually my type but hey.
  • I realize this post is totally random and has no common theme.
  • Tonight will be grand. I must take pictures.
  • I was a hot 90s kid.


  • It’s now the next day and I couldn’t post this yesterday because my internet was screwed up.
  • Last night was indeed fantastic.


  • Lovely cousin Isabelle.


  • College roommate for three years Meg.


  • Joe and Raelynn being funny.


  • NYC girls. (Thanks Rae in the back)
  • I left my credit card and ID behind the bar so now I have to go get it.
  • I realized it when I attempted to pay for the cab.
  • Sorry for partying.

Half Day Wednesdays

2 Feb

One of my job perks is a 35 hour flex time schedule. I used to have Friday afternoons off which was awesome, but after some internal changes I now have Wednesday afternoons off. I must admit, at first, I was super bummed for obvious reasons , but I’m mentally adjusting to it.

Pros for having Wednesday afternoons off:

  1. Good mid week break.
  2. Still in productive mode (gym, blogging, etc)
  3. Still can run errands, go to doctors appointments before it’s dark out.
  4. Fridays = Happy Hour!

Sometimes I’d come back into Manhattan from Brooklyn (where I live) on Fridays and it was getting a little annoying. But now I can join the rest of the world for drinks at 5!

So I lugged the laptop to the office and am planted in the adjacent Starbucks till my 5:30 vinyasa class. 


In other exciting news, I’m going Europe for a month! Not till next summer, as in over a year from now and nothing is booked yet but I can still be excited right?

Remember my friend Anthony? (Scroll to the bottom of that post)

He’s in Germany for a few years for the Air Force and I think him and I are going travel around Europe together. We spoke yesterday on the phone and I said that I was coming for a month, visiting him, traveling around and he was more than welcome to join. We’re both 95% sure we can take that much time off at once which is the main hurdle, well that, and paying for everything, but I’ve got more than a year so I think I can manage.

Mite as well when I’m young right? Who knows where we (or I) will go but personally I’d like to visit Milan, Prague, some small town on the coast in France, Barcelona, Greece and obviously cities in Germany.

I’ve been to:

  • Paris
  • Nice (France)
  • Monaco
  • Rome
  • Florence
  • Assisi
  • Pisa
  • Dublin
  • Galway
  • Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Looking to significantly expand that list before I’m 25.

Confession: I’ve already been thinking that I need to have a smart phone and a smaller laptop so I can blog and tweet while I’m there. I wonder if there’s Four Square in Europe? How cool would it be to check in to places in different countries?

I know fellow bloggers/social media addicts get this. It’s the others …“So does Snooki like know you’re following her???” – Curious non social media savvy friend of mine.

Weekend Wrap Up

23 Jan

In order for me to write this post I had to turn of the Law and Order SVU marathon that has been occupying my life for the past four hours. I have a bit of a thing for one Elliot Stabler.

stabler stabler1 tumblr_lbubt8nqcb1qcdc33o1_400

Have you ever seen a more attractive, rugged, I wouldn’t hate it if he frisked me detective that dedicates his life each and every day for the citizens of New York?


I digress.

I had to go upstate again this weekend for my best friend Catie’s grandma’s wake and funeral. I only met her a handful of times, but just listening to the few people speak at the funeral showed me how wonderful of a woman she was. She lost a son when he was 22 (would be around 45-50 today) in a horrible, tragic accident so when a woman spoke of him at the funeral I lost it. Burying your child has got to be the most horrifying experience for a parent. She’s at peace now and I’m glad I was with Catie and her family.

I headed up Friday after work and my friend Megan got a little lost coming to get me. Thank the Lord there was a heated area. So what’s a girl to do alone, on a Metro North train platform? Take pictures of course, duh.


Salt stricken boots.

 IMG_2319 Snowy train tracks.


Petrified look that I might be here forever. (eye brow brush much Shan?)

Friday night I slept at Meg’s house. We talked and talked, laughed and I shed a few tears, during American Idol nonetheless. I’m emotional. What of it? Saturday after the services I came back to the city, hung out for bit and headed over to my friends house for some red wine and trashy TV. It was grand.

Remember that time I saved $300 of yoga? Well I have been going and loving it.

I started the hot classes they’re kicking my ass in the best way possible. I’ll be writing my review on yoga shortly 🙂

I hit up Trader Joe’s in Union Square after yoga and spent $48 bucks which should definitely last me for the week, hopefully longer.

This weekend I only spent:

$48 on groceries

$4 yoga mat and towel rental

$5 for wine

$21.50 for the train upstate


I’m in the process of breaking down my finances (a 2011 resolution) so I’ll report back on this too once January concludes.


* DUN-DUN adjective 1) Dramatic theme music used at the beginning and end of Law and Order SVU. 2) If you watch it, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, if not, sorry.

I edited my About Me page and added the Blog Roll! Ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out!