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Train Concert!

22 Apr

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a sucker for quotes.

IMG 0654

I find them very uplifting and use them constant reminders. I’ve been in a really good place the past couple of days. I’ve discover a plethora of new blogs that are SO fantastic. Once I get them organized in my reader I’ll be sharing them 🙂

So I brought in my own mug and bowl to work because our office bowls and mugs are boring and no fun to look at.

IMG 0659

Much better! The bowl’s from Pier One and was around $2 and the mug’s from Marshalls. Love it.

So if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I scored free tickets to a Train concert at Webster Hall. For those of you who don’t know Train, they sing Drops of Jupiter, Meet Virgina and Hey Soul Sister. Origins sponsors a month long go green initiative so in order to get the free tickets I had to sign a “Be Green” petition! Yay for Earth Day.

IMG 0675

Leanna and I headed to the Heartland Brewery before the show for some drinks and apps. We both opted for the “Not Tonight Honey” stout for $5!

IMG 0670

One of the things I miss most since moving to NYC is driving. I love driving. I love it because on a hot summer day I can roll all the windows down, stick my arm out and belt out my favorite songs at the top of my lungs with the music as loud as it goes. So basically I miss singing and the liberating feeling that is comes with. When I tell other NYCers of my predicament they ask what’s stopping me from singing on the subway with my headphones in. Honestly, I probably could. I’d be classified as one of the crazies … and I don’t really want that.

So why bring this up? Because I got my “screaming to the top of my lungs” in at this show. I warned Leanna that it could get ugly.

IMG 0680

The show was AWESOME!

IMG 0689

I was a bit groggy the next day but cured that with a little nectar of the gods.

IMG 0697

And then I felt better.

Are you a car singer?


I Love Brooklyn

27 Feb

Yes … yes I do.

IMG_0071“This is the most quintessential cafe,” said a guy sitting at the table behind me said a few moments ago. “I mean everything about it. From the people, the prices, the colors on the wall – it doesn’t get more urban than this.”

He’s sitting across from his girlfriend (assumingly) discussing hiking in Virginia. The guy is white, the girl looks Latino and they both are writing vigorously with blue pens in matching notebooks.

To my left is a black family with an adorable baby girl, Nala, in teeny gold Uggs. Her grandmother is holding her, standing and swaying back and forth with her hair wrapped tightly in a black and blue scarf and a floor length denim skirt

Large bold canvas paintings cover the pastel green and pink walls and two Rastafarian men are sitting at the bar with slowly bobbing their head to the soft reggeton music playing in the background. There’s a white guy, seemingly high on caffeine – and life for that matter – attempting to talk politics with the Rastafarian men whose tall red, yellow and green head wraps are blocking my view of the chatty bald white guy.

There’s four twenty something’s on their laptops sipping coffee and what looks like a few regulars at the bar chit-chatting and reading the paper. A guy just walked in wearing a Northface jacket, got a large coffee and left in a hurry.

I’m sitting at a corner table, slouched back, legs perched on an adjacent chair in a worn college sweatshirt, sipping my second iced coffee of the day. Nothing really to do, no where to go, just taking it in at K Dogg and Dune Buggy.

IMG_0085(The Rastafarian men left before I took this, rather upsetting)


Took this today after a spontaneous brunch with an old coworker. Can you get this view in Manhattan? Didn’t think so.


Stolen Purse and One Huge Banana

23 Feb

My purse was stolen Saturday night. It sucked. Real bad. As soon as I noticed it was missing I remained calm, relatively speaking. Of the three people I was with, no one had a smart phone, can you believe it? So I borrowed a random persons outside and made the necessary calls to cancel my credit cards. Called my mom to get the bank at home because I couldn’t get on their site and she (thankfully) called Verizon and reported my phone stolen.

One thing I didn’t do was cry. If you know me, I’m pretty emotional. I balled during the Boy Meets World season finale and Tila Tequila when the Italian guy was voted off. I lost it when someone stole my phone from a bathroom in college, but this time, not a tear. Perhaps it’s a sign of adulthood?

The two things I did have was my license and debit card because I had a tab at the bar. I guess that round of drinks I bought everyone paid off because I really would have been screwed.

One good thing to come out of this – I GOT AN IPHONE! And I’m obsessed.

Also, because my camera is gone, all my photos will be coming from my phone.

IMG_0008 Not too shabby.

I’ve read around the blog world that many of you are in a funk. Well I’m your newest member. I think it’s cabin fever as my boss put it this afternoon. We can all agree that being inside 90% of the day is no bueno, however, it’s something I must learn to deal, adjust and cope with and really take advantage of lunch breaks and weekends.

On top of the funk, I haven’t been feeling 100%. To fight off the potential sickness, I downed this today:

IMG_0021A large juice from the health food store containing apple, pear, carrot and collard greens. I could sit here and write that it was so fresh, delicious and healthy and that I immediately felt better, however that would be a blatant lie. It was awful.

It was like drinking thick, green slob that’s desperately trying to be sweet but the over powering collards took over the fruit. Gross. I drank it as fast as I could repeating, “This is good for me, this is good for me.”

Then my boss went out and bought me some ginger beer.

IMG_0025He swore up and down that this would cure me. I’ve never heard of it before, but by golly it was delicious. (Yes I just said “by golly” and no it wasn’t alcoholic, rather upsetting I know)

In other news, check out this banana I smashed in my oatmeal this a.m.

IMG_0019 It was the smallest one they had. I felt awkward buying it it was so big – that’s what she said.

Getting in the flow

13 Feb

Sup peeps?

A few things you must know:

  • Those buffalo chicken wontons were restaurant quality.
  • I’m laying on the floor of my bedroom typing this. Changing it up a little.
  • I’ve had an awesome week since posting this.
  • Spinning is my new shit.
  • Apparently so are lists.
  • Yoga is paying off. I can almost do one real push up. Thank you vinyasa flows.
  • My face is breaking out/really dry. Big ups to my Irish heritage and winter!
  • I pretty much have come to the realization that I do in fact live in New York and I’m getting into my flow.
  • Hipsters are ironic.
  • The fact that valentines day is Monday doesn’t bother me at all. Honestly.
  • My roommates little dog keeps running into me as I lay (lie?) on the floor because he’s super old and blind.
  • At brunch today I  had hollandaise and poached eggs for the first time ever. My thoughts? Eh
  • I’m waiting for three of my best friends get here so we can go out and cause a ruckus.
  • I tried on jeans today that I haven’t worn in forever and they were super snug. DAMN IT.
  • I have an awkward crush my cousins boyfriend’s friend. He has tattoos, a beard and is in a band. Not usually my type but hey.
  • I realize this post is totally random and has no common theme.
  • Tonight will be grand. I must take pictures.
  • I was a hot 90s kid.


  • It’s now the next day and I couldn’t post this yesterday because my internet was screwed up.
  • Last night was indeed fantastic.


  • Lovely cousin Isabelle.


  • College roommate for three years Meg.


  • Joe and Raelynn being funny.


  • NYC girls. (Thanks Rae in the back)
  • I left my credit card and ID behind the bar so now I have to go get it.
  • I realized it when I attempted to pay for the cab.
  • Sorry for partying.

A Lovely Saturday

29 Jan

As much as I miss the college partying, it is quite nice to wake up on a Saturday morning not hung over. I laid in bed for a few hours this a.m. watching Paula Dean, drinking java and eating some overnight oats.


IMG_2431 IMG_2423

It was fantastic.  Quick oats, sweetened soy milk, and a banana with some frozen berries added in the morning.

After breakfast digested I went for a run in Prospect Park. It has been a while since I’ve ran.


Eh, I’m not very fast but I surprisingly felt fine. I didn’t cramp up at all. If I don’t run for a few weeks I most always get side, legs, chest cramps, but not today! Must be all that yoga.

After showing the roomie and I went on a walk back through the park!



We almost went and bought sleds. Next weekend perhaps?

We ended up at Grand Army Plaza.


Adjacent is the Brooklyn Library. So beautiful. Still can’t believe  I live here. This is about a 15 minute walk or one stop on the B41 bus from our apartment.


IMG_2440         IMG_2441

Will be spending more time here for sure.

We parted ways and I headed to the mall in Atlantic Terminal for some solid buys.



Jewelry Stand


Photo Board






Fantastic buys. Did I mention how much of a stud my dad was back in the day?


Ow ow! Must be where I get the good looks from. #justsayin

Its on my mind

19 Jan

So I rarely talk about the details of my job for obvious reasons but tonight you need a little background. I work for an organization that facilitates international exchange programs (professional fellowships and internships abroad) and services the J1 Visa for international students/young professionals to come to the US to work. I’m the communications specialist so I handle our social media and online marketing as well as events, fundraising, and dabbling in a little design.

Because we’re an international exchange organization my colleagues are from various countries. I share an office with an intern from South Korea, almost lived with former co-worker who’s German and out of 25 people in the office, three  aren’t bi lingual. When my organization began, it only offered programs to Germany, hence the very strong German relations and high number of Germans working in the office. German isn’t the only language, we have people who speak Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, Korean and French.

It’s fascinating.

Cultural differences is something I’ve rarely dealt with in my life. Born and raised in Syracuse, NY and went to Catholic school from prekindergarten to high school graduation. I didn’t have a single black friend growing up nor did I know a Jewish person. I took Spanish till tenth grade (weak), studied abroad in Ireland (zero language barrier), get the idea?

Today I had lunch at the German Consulate House.




How awesome is the view of 1st avenue and the UN?

It is so cool to be surround by different cultures every day. From having lunch on German soil today to saying “peace out cub scout” to my German co-worker and her giving my the most puzzling look. I’m learning about cultural differences as much as I am about organization, social media, marketing, etc.

The actual German Consulate was in the dining room, how cool is that!?


Anyways, that has been on my mind for a while now so I’m glad I shared it with you. Oh, and the grilled tilapia on a bed a lobster risotto wasn’t too shabby either 😉

Other things that have been on my mind;

1. Tall Pike Roasts


2. Quaker Chocolate Rice Cakes


3. Carrots in my water. Okay it was an accident.


4. Sweet Potato Fries. Possibly my new obsession.


5. Yogi tea. Good for the soul.

IMG_2314 IMG_2313

6. Syracuse. Yea I’m crafty.



Oh and I’m doing hot yoga for the first time tomorrow. If I don’t report back, I’m at Yoga Sutra, lying in a pool of sweat.

Upstate “Homey” Feeling

15 Jan

Good morning!

I’m up in Montgomery, NY staying at my old roommates house because we have an alumni basketball game today at 10:30. Originally I wasn’t going to come up here till today, but I was yearning for a “home” like feel. Although I adore my little Brooklyn apartment, it’s lacking in the “homey” category because my roommate and I don’t have the money to buy furniture and decor for the living room.

Megan, roommate of three years, moved home after graduation while she goes to grad school and has one of the loveliest homes I’ve ever stepped foot it. She one of three girls and her parents are honestly the most generous couple I know. They’re still so in love after 25 years and they’ve built a home together that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling when you walk inside.

This is Meg and I graduation weekend and it pretty much sums up our friendship.

My mom’s a pretty good photographer huh?

Meg, her parents and I wined and dined last night at a fantastic neighborhood last night, came back and caught up on the Jersey Shore. “How do you walk in with banana and expect everything to be peaches?” – Pauly D, I ❤ you.

This morning good ‘ol alumni of the Mount Saint Mary College Women’s Basketball program are playing in the first annual alumni game today! It’s going to be so much fun. All of my friends are coming up (my mom too)! And tonight we’re going to pretend like we’re still in college and rage. Hard.

Montgomery is only 15 minutes from Newburgh so I took the dreaded Metro North Railroad up to Beacon and waiting for Meg to get out of work. Remember when I used to commute two hours each way? Well during that dreaded time, I never appreciated how pretty the Hudson River is.

This photo clearly doesn’t do it justice, but you catch my drift.

Upon arrival in the lovely Beacon, NY I walked up to Bank Square Coffee House because It’s adorable and they have the best lattes this side of the Hudson.

Coconut. Latte. = DELICIOUS

I had to walk up to Main Street from the train, wasn’t too far but it was super cold.

Just finished a hot bowl of oats and am about to head to the alumni game! Woop woop