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On Coming Home

25 Apr

I’m not sure where you are in life. You might be in high school, college or shacking it up with the rents to save money. Perhaps you’re married with kids, a mortgage and a plane ride away from where you grew up. One way or another, if you’ve experienced extended time away from home, you’ll catch my drift throughout this post.

IMG 0711

We can all sense a familiarity coming home. The same creaks on the floor of the house you grew up in, the unique taste of your families homemade sauce and meatballs, the old street signs and landscape, the cold sheets of your bed that hasn’t been slept in in months and the comfort of being with family and friends who really know you. Who knew you when you were awkward, shy and had head gear. Who knew when you went though those dreadful pre teen years. A few probably came on the family vacation and the same few ask how your parents are before they ask about you.

I’ve grown closer to my high school friends since graduating college.

IMG 0760

(Excuse the blurriness)

I’m not sure if it’s mutual but that’s not my concern. In college, I was so distracted by new best friends, class, parties and basketball that I let our friendships drift.

IMG 0769

Happy to report that’s no longer the case.

IMG 0768

I mean really? Who wouldn’t love a friendship like the above? Or going to the grents and actually looking at the pictures that fill their house …

IMG 0728

That’s me, my dad and my aunt at my uncles wedding. Too damn cute.

Oh and Wegmans? I genuinely feel sorry if you’ve never stepped in one. It’s so much more than a grocery store.

IMG 0724

I could keep writing, but nothing I’ll say can top Wegmans.