Just Be

12 Apr

I’m in love …

with a man named Mac. Yesterday after I made my purchase and sat in Starbucks for a few hours, I went over to the Highline which is a raised park in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC. The entrance is on West 16th. I highly suggest you make a stop asap, the park is unlike any other, very unique. Check out the website, really cool history behind it.

I took a seat on one of the many benches, opened my Mac and wrote. My fingers were moving faster than ever. What was I writing? A journal of sorts.

It’s hard to put into words what has been going on mentally and emotionally without getting too personal. Let’s just say I’m in the process of … healing? Healing may be the best way to describe it. I’m okay, incase you’re concerned, it’s just part of growing up I suppose. I’m heading back up to Newburgh for a mini college reunion this weekend and I think a sense of familiarity is going to be fantastic. Most of my best girls will be there so clearly I’ll be laughing my ass off majority of the weekend.

After my mini therapy sesh with myself, I came to the conclusion that I need to do and be. Just be.



11 Apr


Woop woop chicka chicka yeah yeah.

Quite frankly I was getting sick of not getting online, blue screens of death and all around slowness. So what’s a girl to do? Go buy a MacBook Pro, clearly.

It’s been about three hours since I got it and I’ve been sitting at Starbucks iChatting with Megan and trying to get used to this amazing machine. You know what they say … once you go Mac, you never go back.

A little semi inappropriate humor for your Monday. Any woot and holler, I signed up for Irish Dance Classes at the Irish Arts Center over on the west side. Classes started last week and it was awesome to dance again. I might have mentioned this before, but I used to competitive Irish Step Dance for a about 12 years. Huge part of my life, huge. Perhaps when I’m home in Syracuse for Easter I’ll snag a few pics to share with you all. You’ll love it. Curly hair, funny dresses, the whole nine yards.

I’m going to head out and enjoy what’s left of this FANTASTIC day here in NYC. Just wanted to drop by and let you know I’ll be returning to more regular blogging now that I have a computer that works!!

NYC Pictures

8 Apr


Grand Central




Brooklyn Brownstones


Close subway reader


Brooklyn Bridge

IMG_0461  IMG_0464

All editing done courtesy of the iPhone apps:

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Oh … hey?

23 Mar

So I’ve read that you’re not supposed to apologize to being MIA on your blog – well I’m going to break that rule and do just that. I’m sorry for being MIA and not completing the 30 day blog challenge that the one miss Caitlin spearheaded.

I know myself and the second I hit publish on day one I thought to myself that it would be a miracle if I did this.

And no I haven’t been sitting like a bump on a log. It’s March or the best month EVER. I’ve been partaking in activities such as drinking green beer:


… and more beer in a green bottle.

photo 5

… and posing with fellow NYC blogger/becoming really good friend Leanna!

LEANNA And celebrating the BEST holiday with my BEST friends in the BEST city. (okay I’ll stop)

photo 4

Phew. Let’s just say I’ve drank enough beer this month that I have all year so far. Was it glorious? Of course. Did I eat tons of corned beef? Duh. And pizza? Is the pope Catholic?

You get it. For the past three weekends I sailed back to the college days and “lived it up” if you will. Now … I’m in need of a detox. I hit the gym today and huffed and puffed my way through 2.3 miles on the treadmill and a solid 20 minutes on the stair climber. (brutal)

Also, there has been some internal changes happening at my job, i.e. Shannon is getting a lot more busy! (and hopefully not stressed)

Oh and have I mentioned that I barely get internet at my apartment? Well I don’t and it’s a blessing that it’s working right now (knock on wood) and my phone cord to plug in my iPhone to my laptop is at my friends house so I charge my phone on my iHome and emailed those pics to myself. (run-on sentence much?)

So can you deal with my randomness? I hope so 🙂

Day 10: Person I do the craziest things with.

10 Mar

This one is hard, because most all my friends and I do some crazy stuff. But after thinking long and hard, I’d have to say …


Brittany and Bridget.

Looking back on my past few posts, they have a common theme of college partying. Oh well – moving on.

Bridget and Brittany are a good time. Point blank. Always down for whatever, where ever, as long as they each have money. For my birthday a few years back Catie got me four Dave Matthews Band tickets. Obviously her and I were two of them, and the other two were up to me.

I picked the two lovely ladies pictured above and that picture was taken in the parking lot of the IZOD center in Jersey before the concert. Needless to say, we had fun.

Two times with Bridget stick out.

1) We drove around campus for no lie four hours one night with our friend Joe. blasted music, and sang our hearts out. At 4 a.m. mind you.

2) On the way home from Daytona we were delirious and looking at pictures on my camera. We found a funny picture of one of our friends and zoomed in on his face and was moving it around and zooming in and out, DYING laughing. Like tears were streaming down our faces. All of a sudden we hear, “Uhhhh what are you guys laughing at?” Our friend who’s face we had zoomed in on was standing behind us. CAUGHT. We were caught. But because he’s a guy and hilarious, he just kept walking and said, “Okayyyy girls.”

I’m currently cracking up. Ahhh love it.

Day 9: People who’ve gotten me through the most.

9 Mar


With out a doubt, Meg and Catie.

These two ladies have calmed my nerves, dried my tears and have been there through everything. They know just about everything about me, to the point where it’s borderline weird.

I’ve heard people say that if you have one friend, you’re the luckiest person in the world.

I’m so lucky to have these girls in my life. Catie and I have been best friends since literally the first night of college. She came up to me, tapped me on the shoulder and said, “You play basketball right?” We ending up living down the hall from one another and playing basketball together, so our friendship easily blossomed. It’s all history from there and I can confidently say that I’ve been there for her and will always be. That’s how you know you’ve found a best friend.

Meg and I is a bit of a different story. See Meg is from a town about 15 minutes up the road from our college. First semester of college she contemplated moving home and transferring. She just wasn’t happy and didn’t leave her room too often. We joke that I was the one who “brought her out of her shell” so to speak. Well damn it, I think it’s true. (hehe)

I’ll paint a picture for you. It’s about 10 p.m. on a Tuesday night. Freshman year of college I used to literally barge in peoples room to see what they were up to. I’d borrow accessories, chat about their home towns, etc. Clearly I was shy.

That Tuesday night I barged in to Meg’s room to find her watching West Side Story. She quickly changed the channel hoping I didn’t see, but the damage was done.

“Are you watching West Side Story?” I asked

“Uhhh yeah,” she hesitantly replied.

“Oh my God I LOVE WEST SIDE STORY!” I shouted.

Yup and that’s one of many instances of how I “broke her out of her shell.”

Oh and there was the time I busted in her room, tipsy and reciting Shakespeare’s “To be or not to be” soliloquy in my best British accent. We had to memorize it for English spring semester and recite it in our teachers office. So because I’m awesome and had it memorized, I had a few brews with my friends and then walked around the halls of our dorm repeating it over and over. Let’s see how well I can do …

To be or not to be, that is the question. Weather tis noble in the minds to suffer, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and by opposing, end them. To take arms against a sea of troubles … (something something)

To die, to sleep, to sleep perchance to dream (something something)

To die to sleep no more.

Now I have to go look it up. Thanks.

Oh and this night, Catie couldn’t memorize it and was so mad I knew it and was drinking. She wrote it on her mirror in the bathroom. It was hilarious.

Day 8: Pictures that make me laugh.

9 Mar


Sums up our relationship.


No words.


Beer pong with millionaires at a Dave Matthews Band concert. No joke.


Friends before our conference championship game.


Receiving a lap dance at karaoke for my birthday by an unknown man.


This post could be 779070 pictures long. 

Day 6: Person I’d trade places with is …

9 Mar

Lady Gaga.

lady gaga theirry mugler martin margiela-thumb-430x462

This woman fascinates me. I am by no means a crazed Gaga fan, I like her music just as much as the next person. I want to trade places with her so I can get in her head. I mean who wakes up one day and thinks, “Today I’ll wear a dress made of out meat,” or “How about an egg to get to awards show?”

A person with a vision, that’s who.

Personally, I think she’s always known she was going to be this big.  Here’s this NYC girl, NYU drop out turned mega super star. The next Madonna perhaps?

Only time will tell …

Day 5: Favorite Memory

7 Mar

This one’s tough. Rather than one picture, I have three.

Up first,


(Chrissy, me, Meg, Brittany)

The ladies of 26 City Terrace North. These are the three lovely ladies who had the privilege of living with me senior year. (See what I did there?) This photo was taken at the infamous Women’s Day at our college. Basically every girl pays ~$40 and go to a house a drink all day. This was taken around 10 a.m. which explains the scarcity. This was an all around perfect day!

Next is,

daytona Daytona! Imagine being on vacation with your 30 best friends. Nuff said. I’m in the middle with the black on.


Me and Chrissy

This more less sums up Chrissy and my life. We would sit at our table, and blast the most random music known to man. From Hootie, to Nelly, Meatloaf, Dave Matthews – oh and drink copious amounts of Natty Light. Nothing but class.

And I miss being tan.

Day 4: A picture of your night.

4 Mar

Roughly four of seven of my nights of the week used to look like this:


Ah I miss it. Once a week or so I click through my pictures of Facebook from senior year and reminisce about the absolutely insane times I had. I used to get sad, slightly depressed even, with nostalgia for college – I’m sure most people in the Freshman Year of Life get that feeling.

– Staying out till 4 a.m. then getting up and going to class? Done.
– Getting into the bar with a local grocery store rewards club card? Not a problem.
– Sitting in the cafeteria for literally hours at a time laughing with your friends at Lord know what? Daily.
– Wearing sweats nearly every day? Jeans exist?

But alas, those times are gone. Of course I still still go out and have an awesome time, but it’s different, obviously.

Though my nostalgic feelings for college surface from time to time, I beginning to truly like and adjust my “new” life. Last weekend my grandma and step mom cam to town to visit. We had a fantastic time wining and dining, eating gelato and walking around New York, but when Sunday morning came for them to leave, I was ready. Clearly I adore them and love them to death, but my jive was all out of whack. I know most of you get it so I won’t attempt to explain more.


Now I take cool artsy pictures of myself in Madison Square Park.



Who am I?